How much does stained glass cost?

I am often asked on the phone how much a square metre of stained glass costs. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in advance, as we do not sell wall-to-wall carpets, but create manually artistic glass works with unique precision. Without knowing the exact requirements of the customer, it is impossible to give a correct answer. Due to the large number of options, we do not have any precalculated prices per square meter. The customer will choose the best price-performance ratio. He is aware of his ambitions and his financial background – and we know the aesthetic and qualitative differences between the various price categories. The price of the art glass works we produce is influenced by the following factors. Thus, the final result can also be very different.

  1. The surface and size of the design to be manufactured
  2. How detailed the selected pattern is
  3. The current price of the materials to be used
  4. The construction site and its technical conditions

The planning of a dreamlike stained glass surface is a long process, and price calculation takes several hours. You need a guide price though for orientation so that the expenses of a project can roughly be estimated.  So you can basically expect the following if you want to order lead glazing:

  • A standard interior door (size 90×210 cm, stained glass surface 0.7m2) can be created on average between 450-1200 €.
  • A standard outdoor window (size 120×150 cm, stained glass surface 1.5m2) with 3-layer thermal insulation glass costs on the average between 700-2500 €.
  • A standard ceiling (size 200×200 cm, stained glass surface 4m2) costs about 7000-15000 €.

Our offer includes the full, detailed price. There are guaranteed no hidden costs, or unexpected expenses charged subsequently.

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