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What shall I do if I want to have unique stained glass in my home? How can I order it?

  1. Find out more about the possibilities on our website, watch our videos
  2. Fill in the registration form and we will contact you shortly to discuss the details.
  3. After registration, you can find the request form under MY PROFILE. Fill it in and send it to us.
  4. Select the service package that fits you best and request an on-site visit and expert advice.
  5. Bring more colour into your everyday life with unique Tiffany and leaded glass surfaces!

    Creation of design, execution and installation of artistic glass objects with guarantee.

  6. If you want to reach us by email or on Whatsapp, you will find our contact details at the bottom of each website page.

Why should unique visual plans be made?

Since we do not sell finished products, but unique works of art and we apply no serial elements …

How thick can artglass be?

Interior doors and windows are usually 4 to 6 mm thick. For facade doors and windows, we produce 3-layer, heat-insulated…

Can new glass be incorporated into my older type of door or window?

Yes, of course! When renovating a house, it is advisable to replace the glass before painting the doors and windows, as the paint will certainly be damaged…

What types of glass are used to make stained glass?

At present, we are able to use various techniques to produce leaded glazing from 400 glass types, which come from the inexhaustible supply of glass factories….

What does the guarantee relate to?

The quality guarantee applies only to stained glass surfaces manufactured and installed by us. If someone else carries out the transport or installation…

Orders from abroad?

Yes, of course, but a special agreement is needed for such contracts. We have several references in different…

What is the maximum surface size that can be covered with leaded glass?

The maximum size in one piece is about 100×200 cm. A larger surfaces must…

The coloured image of your art glass design is fitted in the photos taken on site. In this way, you can get a realistic idea of what the lead glazing

How can I get a discount?

Sign up in your personal account, where we create a unique offer for you.

How much time does it take to carry out an art glass project?

The general leadtime is 20 to 35 days. Of course, it also depends on your order. The production of a furniture glass insert…

How much does stained glass cost?

I am often asked on the phone how much a square metre of stained glass costs. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in advance, as we do not…

Art glass in my home?  Where should I start?

Find out more about the possibilities on our website, watch the videos. Fill in the registration form and I will contact you shortly.


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