Styles and Techniques


We would like to briefly present some key styles and their main characteristics. ORGAN X adapts in any case to the tastes and ideas of its customers and does not create their projects exclusively according to the styles listed here.


Leaded glasses by ORGAN-X ART GLASS
in classic style

Stained glass in Art Nouveau style

Art Deco – Art glasses
by ORGAN-X ART GLASS in a modern style

Production techniques of art glass

Stained glass can be manufactured by various techniques.

The glass artists of the 21st century can courageously rely on the traditions and rich expression forms of previous centuries. Thanks to modern technologies, we now have more and more possibilities – both to the delight of our customers and for our own pleasure – to create works of art of high material value and in good taste. Also in the way of production there are several possibilities. Basically, no technique is better or worse than the other, they simply represent different ways of expression within the art of glass.

In order to be able to perform the task in question best, a combination of the techniques listed here is of course possible.

Leaded glass with Tiffany technology

Stained glass creared by sandblasting and phosphating

Art glass production by faceting and engraving

Art glass production with lead glass technology

Stained glass made with glass-painting technology

Art glass production by fusing technique


Tradition – Value – Elegance

Artistic glass design